BigTapp brings together the best innovative approach to services for various business domains. Combining our Integrated Data, Analytics Tools, and Expertise, we deliver accurate and impactful answers to your specific questions. Everything we do is focused on providing maximum value and maximum advantage.

Big Data & Analytics is at the mainstay of BigTapp’s strategy and offers services across all layers of the Big Data value chain

  1. Data Fusion
  2. Information Management & Governance
  3. Data Visualization
  4. Analytics

We offer Business and Technology Consulting, Architecture Blue Print, and Implementation Services through:

A dedicated Big Data team, with a pool of Big Data Specialists, Data Scientists & Analysts, Advanced Visualization and Data Fusion Experts. We have value creators/solution accelerators and time-boxed consulting frameworks (e.g. Big Data Readiness Assessment, Big Data Strategy Map, Data Equity and Monetization Strategy etc.) that are built using Big “InFo ActiV” platform and solutions built on top like CVM Analytics ensures quick time-to-market window.