About Marketing Democratisation (Mi’Das)

Apart from the transformational shift in decision making the key objective of Mi’Das is to increase the profitability and probability of scale and size of the sale per customer.

In the current scenario people at the customer focus roles have very little say while designing the promotions in spite of having a great level of crucial contextual based information at a local geographical level.

With heavy competition from E-Commerce players retailers are under immense pressure to provide great customer experience clubbed with significant value add. Our solutions provides the necessary contextual insights (segment level and individual level information) to the front line employees to real time effective decision making.


What customer need / pain point does Mi’Das solve?

Traditionally insights and insights driven marketing are handled at headquarters or regional level by retailers. At the customer facing level, i.e. the retail store, there are not many options available for Store personnel like Store Managers to leverage insights and take decisions, especially in the area of customer offers and campaigns.

Store managers lack real time insights on their business performance and relevant data like their catchment area customer profile, store specific buying patterns like market baskets etc. which they can leverage to take timely decisions. In the case of luxury retailers, insights on individual customers who are currently in the store are not available to the salespersons to take informed decisions on what products to offer or cross sell. The store managers typically don’t have the capability to run instantaneous campaigns that are relevant to their store by leveraging data driven insights and their contextual awareness of what is happening in their environment.


Features of Mi’Das

Delivering robust customer experience

To beat the fellow competitors it’s has become a necessity for retailers to provide an experiential customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle journey.

Granular level insights

Let the requirement be for segmented level or individual customer level, our solutions offers the best in class insights through effective analysis.

Dissemination of decision making

By disseminating the responsibility and accountability to the people at different level in the organization we can experience an open and free communication flow with a faster decision making time frame.

Empower the power of frontline talents

The transformational shift will ensure that the contextual knowledge of the employees will be harnessed for effective marketing activities with higher ROI.