Enterprise-class near real-time streaming analytics to action platform for Big Data – Big “InFo ActiV” (Insights-Foresights-Action-Value)

Big Data provides great opportunities for businesses along with great challenges. Primary among them is the ability to harness poly-structured data from a myriad of sources at the right latency, derive Insights and convert the Insights to appropriate business Actions. A greater challenge is to envision business use cases for using Big Data Insights, both for incremental value and transformational/disruptive business models. BigTapp’s Big "InFo ActiV" platform enables creation of Business Analytics applications without getting dragged by these challenges. Engineered to be highly scalable and built for Cloud, it is available on a consumption based pricing model, ensuring a higher ROI given the relatively lower investment costs. BigTapp’s CVM Analytics is one of the Business Analytics applications built using the Big"InFo ActiV" platform. Key capabilities of the platform are:

  1. Harness poly structured data from various sources at real time or near real time and fuse with curated data to connect the dots.
  2. Derive Insights and Foresights either on-the-fly (streams) or at the right latency as appropriate for the business need.
  3. Visualize Insights and Foresights using an intuitive interface.
  4. Institutionalize Actions that create business value using a Campaign Management or Business Rules or CEM component of the platform.