BigTapp has the right blend of technology, platform, solutions, people, services and delivery model with a razor sharp focus on demonstrating measurable business value to our customers.  

  • BigTapp’s Big "InFo ActiV" platform brings together the entire value chain of harnessing Big Data to deriving Insights & Foresights and converting them to Business Actions. Built-in business use cases accelerate the realisation of business value in organizations.
  • Our Big Data Business Analytics solutions built using the Big "InFo ActiV" platform can start providing immediate business benefits of harnessing Big Data. Under the overall umbrella of Customer Value Management, various applications like Loyalty Analytics and Marketing Analytics help our customers get rapid-started and give them a competitive advantage.
  • We have the right blend of business and technical talent who will work with our customers to achieve the intended business objectives. Our team includes Data Scientists and Business Managers who bring the right mix of technology and domain to ensure that the implementations are not just showpieces of technology but be the source of competitive advantage to our customers.
  • Our Consultants with their been-there-done-that experience are able to provide consulting services to our customers in areas that range from defining the Big Data Analytics Strategy to realizing value from the data assets. Putting our money where our mouth is, we can undertake Managed Services engagements with a results based pricing commercial model.
  • Cloud delivery model allows our customers to implement Big Data Analytics without the BIG Budgets. With a stated aim to democratize analytics, our delivery model allows our solutions to be affordable to Large Enterprises as well as enterprises aspiring to use best practices of Large Enterprises.