Thinking Big ! Data - think BigTapp !

In today’s non-stop global economy, fuel that propels the engine of business is knowledge (Insights) and wisdom (Actions). In this context, adoption of Big Data & Analytics have become a necessity to transform businesses from locally to globally. BigTapp defines a pragmatic approach to Big Data & Analytics that is rooted in performance and focused on impact.

Gone are the days where businesses used to decide with a little data and lot of gut instinct. In today’s economic climate, businesses have realised the importance and impact of Big Data & Analytics – by combining businesses core data, contextual data (both internal and external to the organisation) along with social media data has much higher impact resulting in the ability to take advantage of opportunities, minimise risks and control costs.

BigTapp’s mantra for Big Data & Analytics are

  1. Providing "Analytics for All" (moving from "Analytics Monarchy" to "Analytics Democracy").
  2. Providing affordable Big Data & Analytics solutions to companies irrespective of size and scale.
  3. Create a culture of "Data driven Decisions" & "Analytics driven Actions" with whomever we work!

BigTapp’s Big "InFo ActiV" platform (Data to Insight-Foresight-Action-Value) helps
enterprises to create a culture of "Data driven Decisions" and "Analytics driven Actions".

Powerful decisions are inspired by powerful Insights. Data is considered as a valuable asset when it is used in the right way, otherwise it is considered meaningless unless it enables businesses and decision makers to help them take decisions that have measurable impact. BigTapp analytics generate value through Big "InFo ActiV" platform by providing affordable Big Data & Analytics solutions to companies irrespective of the scale and size paradox.

What our customers say about us

    "Moving Walls is a media technology company that enables leading brands to Measure, Reach, and Influence consumers on the move. “As a supplier of IoT location intelligence devices that brings transparency and automation to out-of-home media, we needed a very scalable and fast content-delivery network for providing advanced analytics solutions for data processing. After comparing multiple service portfolios, BigTapp’s Big Data analytics and Customer 360 profiling (including business-driven customer journey mapping) solution built on AWS Cloud using a SaaS model gave us the final push, especially considering the high performance - competitive pricing benefits. For a growing Tier 50 winning enterprise like ours, we’re truly happy with the scalability and reliability of BigTapp provided envisaged architecture with AWS services to cater to differential customer base.”
---- Moving Walls Pte ltd