Data Governance

Job Title: Data Governance

Location: Bangalore.

Experience: 5 to 7 Years

Must Skills: SQL, Business Intelligence Platforms (Looker, Tableau), Redshift, Snowflake, & AWS.

Job Reference ID:BT/F43/IN

Job Description:
The Data Governance Analyst will be responsible for providing expert-level advice about data governance, data management, data cataloguing and related data initiatives. They will assist with the development and implementation of policies, processes, and procedures for data quality, integrity, and interoperability across a variety of data projects. The ideal candidate will work closely with the Data Governance Team, Data Stewards, Data Engineering team to provide policy implementation and oversight on lifecycle data management initiatives.

➢ Participate in establishing data/database standards, defining best practices for data management, defining requirements for governance frameworks/policies such as Retention, PII handling, RBAC etc.
➢ Conduct regular audits to ensure set standards are adhered to and ensure compliance to data governance policies. 
➢ Work closely with data stewards to assist in publishing assets to the data catalog.
➢ Management of metadata, business glossaries. 
➢ Managing, configuring, and monitoring data governance platform/data observability platform.
➢ Assist stakeholders in data quality management / data observability platform. 
➢ Integrate different tools/tech stack with data governance & data observability platform.
➢ Understand and interact with various business and technical stakeholders that play a role in data governance and propagate data governance practices.
➢ Drive adoption of data catalog.
➢ Develop, monitor and analyse data governance metrics to establish base lines and measure success as the program continues. 
➢ Promoting a data-driven culture across the organization.
➢ Execute other data governance-related activities, as assigned.

Experience / Qualification:
➢ Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or related field.
➢ 5+ years of experience in data governance, data management, data warehousing, data quality.
➢ Strong knowledge of data governance best practices, policies, and procedures.
➢ Proficient in SQL.
➢ Experience working with Business Intelligence Platforms (Looker, Tableau), Redshift, Snowflake, AWS, DBT Must have worked with any Data Governance Platforms/Data Catalog such as (Alation, Atlan, Collibra).
➢ Experience with any Data Observability/Data Quality platform such as Monte Carlo, Soda, Data band, Bigeye, Acceldata, Data fold.
➢ Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with cross functional teams.➢ Strong analytical, technical, and problem-solving skills.

➢ Competitive salary and benefits package.
➢ Opportunity to work on a variety of projects and industries.
➢ Opportunity to work with a team of experienced and talented professionals.
➢ Access to cutting-edge tools and technologies.
➢ Opportunity to grow and develop your skills through ongoing learning and development opportunities.

Salary:  Commensurate with experience and demonstrated competence Contact:


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