Snowflake Administrator.

Job Title: Snowflake Administrator.

Location: Dubai (On-Site).

Experience: 8 to 10 Years

Job Reference ID:BT/F40/DU

Job Description:

The Snowflake Administrator will be responsible to manage the Snowflake data warehouse environment. The Snowflake administrator is expected to play a crucial role in ensuring the performance, security, and reliability of the data lake. Apart from this, the administrator is expected to optimize data processing, managing user access, and maintaining a robust data architecture. 

Key Responsibilities: 

➢ Be a technical expert on all aspects of Snowflake.

➢ Deploy Snowflake following best practice.

➢ Work hands-on with customers to demonstrate and communicate implementation best practices on Snowflake technology.

➢ Maintain deep understanding of complementary technologies and help organizations leverage Snowflake as part of their larger technology stack.

➢ Provide guidance on how to resolve customer-specific technical challenges.

➢ Build, design, architect and implement high-volume, high-scale data analytics and machine learning Snowflake solutions in the cloud.

➢ Snowflake Environment Management

➢ User and Access Management - Create and manage user accounts, roles, and privileges within Snowflake to maintain data security and access control.

➢ Performance Tuning and Optimization - Monitor and analyse system performance to identify and resolve bottlenecks, query performance issues, and optimize data processing.

➢ Security and Compliance - Implement security policies, encryption, and compliance standards to protect sensitive data stored in Snowflake.

➢ Backup and Disaster Recovery

➢ Monitoring and Alerts - Set up monitoring and alerting solutions to proactively detect and respond to system issues, errors, and anomalies.

➢ Data Integration

➢ Documentation and Training

Experience / Qualification:

➢ Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Technology, or related field (or equivalent work experience)

➢ Minimum 8 years of experience in ETL design and development

➢ Proven experience as a Snowflake Administrator or similar role, with a strong background in data warehousing. 

➢ In-depth knowledge of Snowflake architecture, virtual warehouses, and database design principles. 

➢ Migrating Data from On Prem to Cloud having minimum of 1-year Full PLC experience

➢ Worked on Data Warehouse migration project of Snowflake.

➢ Should have experience in python & GitHub.

➢ Technical documentation and deliverables required by the client including design documents which include warehouse design, best practices, and architectural patterns. 

➢ Experience with SQL and scripting languages for data manipulation and automation. 

➢ Tune Snowflake for performance and optimize utilization.

➢ Familiarity with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP) and data integration tools is a plus.

➢ Snowflake certifications (e.g., SnowPro Core) are a plus.


➢ Competitive salary and benefits package.

➢ Opportunity to work on a variety of projects and industries.

➢ Opportunity to work with a team of experienced and talented professionals.

➢ Access to cutting-edge tools and technologies.

➢ Opportunity to grow and develop your skills through ongoing learning and development opportunities

Salary:  Commensurate with experience and demonstrated competence Contact:


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