Do you want to be a BigTapp’er ? Welcome

What makes BigTapp stand-out?

Extraordinarily smart and engaged people. The ones who bring an avid curiosity with high energy, a burning desire to do things differently and their own passion to the job every day.

BigTapp mission

Help our clients succeed by delivering cost-effective high value Information Management (Big Data, Analytics, Data Architecture, BI etc.) solutions and inspire our talented team to achieve excellence, ingenuity and productivity.

Life @ BigTapp

At BigTapp, having a great place to work is one of our main motto. Each of us bring a unique background and perspective, but we share a core set of values . The combination of diversity and intellect in our people has created a potent cocktail of ideas, energy, innovation and achievement. We consider it part of our mission to sustain and improve BigTapp Analytics  as a place where exceptional people have an exceptional experience – one that becomes so much a part of them that it’s hard for them to imagine being anywhere else.

At BigTapp, we promote “Innovation Driven Culture”. We work closely every day with lots of other brilliant minds including our Domain Experts, Technology Gurus, Business Thought Leaders and Clients.

BigTapp environment is open, encourages risk taking and collaborative, and the expectation is that by working as a team, we will make great things happen. If you are excited about Big Data & Analytics and can’t wait to change the way companies use it, then we may have the perfect opportunity for you.

Do you want to become a part of the BigTapp’er Family ? Welcome

As a start up, finding the right players and the right fit is crucial. And because we have offices globally, we are open to looking at the right candidates in any part of the world. We are looking for the best and the brightest in the Big Data, Analytics & Information Management arena. The growth and opportunities for people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and leave the “IT Big boys” mentality behind, are limitless.

If you are smart, have a good attitude, teachable, willing, humble, enthusiastic, then we can plug you into several positions throughout BigTapp and guaranteed, that, you will excel at each one of them!

We are a team of over 30 specialists who work across our three offices in Singapore ,India (Chennai) & Malaysia. As an organization that is growing at a rapid pace, we are always on the look out for smart and well-qualified individuals.

Current Openings